The right way to shave your balls

Yes, there is a right way to shave your balls - one that helps you prevent nicks and post-shave irritation. Granted, it’s not the easiest body part to shave, but it’s a myth that you have to suffer through a cut-up mess a few times before you get the hang of it.
Following these easy guidelines makes your routine safe and pleasant, even if it’s your first time.

Take your time

A guideline for shaving in general; best not do it when you’re in a rush. This increases the chance of hurting yourself. Put in the groundwork by trimming long hairs using an electric trimmer, or even just a pair of scissors, and take your time shaving afterwards.

Do it in the shower

A warm shower will make it significantly easier to shave your balls. If you’re into cold showers, the alternative is to press a wet, warm towel against your balls for a few minutes. Cold water will shrivel the skin on your balls, making it susceptible to cuts from the blade. The warmth will soften coarse pubic hair and relaxes the skin, making it easier to stretch it out and shave it without injuries.

Apply lubricant

Soften coarse hairs even further and protect the skin while shaving by using a lubricant between it and the blade. Bald Balls shaving oil [link to shopping page] is clear and allows you to see what you are doing down there. Apply a few drops to your palm, rub your hands together and massage it evenly into the skin at the base of your penis and your balls.
The oil is designed to nourish as well as protect the skin, so leave it on for 20 to 30 seconds before starting your shave.


The trick to shaving safely is to stretch the skin gently, removing any folds and wrinkles. Stretch your penis out full length to shave from base to head. Then pull the skin on your balls taut and shave them with short, careful strokes.

Additional tips:

  • Use a razor designed for men and for use on the body, rather than the face
  • Use a new, sharp blade
  • Clean your blade between strokes and after use
  • Shave with the grain, not against it
  • Don’t apply too much pressure with the blade
  • After your shower, pat your balls dry. Don’t rub them.

  • Post-shave care

    To restore moisture to the skin, apply an aftershave lotion to the shaved areas. Proper aftercare will significantly reduce the chance of redness, irritation and ingrown hairs. Make sure to use a lotion [link to shopping page] suited to sensitive skin. Feel free to apply the lotion on days you haven’t shaved as well. Keeping the skin healthy and hydrated will improve shaving results.

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