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We developed a routine to make shaving your balls easier, you feel better afterwards and less irritation

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The Set Contains Shaving Oil And Aftershave Lotion, Which Help Solve:

- Messy shaving result
- Razor burn
- Dry skin
- Redness
- Itchiness

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Shaving oil

We don’t always have the best options for skincare and grooming. And when it comes down to arguably our most important body part, it’s more like zero options. In addition to your razor, what do you use to shave your balls?

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Benefits of Shaving Oil

- Doesn’t wash off the skin
- Protects as well as nourishes
- Smoother shave

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After shave lotion

Back in the day, guys used to splash an alcohol-based solution on their face post-shave. the resulting stinging sensation was, apparently, simply something you endured. this type of aftershave doesn’t do the skin much good, and the concept has somewhat changed nowadays

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Benefits of aftershave lotion:

- Restores moisture to the skin
- Prevents irritation
- Absorbs quickly

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