About Bald Balls

Nothing beats the softness and cleanliness of a close shave.

But neglecting the skin during and after shaving can lead to itchiness and irritation, and there's not a lot out there to help make shaving your balls more pleasant. We missed products that help improve the end result.

We decided to fill the gaping hole in grooming products specifically designed for men and launch with a shaving oil and aftershave lotion for down under.

We called our brand ´Bald Balls´ to leave no doubt that this is a brand by men, for men. 

And we are proud to have founded our brand in Amsterdam. A city where you need to have a bit of an attitude to get around. Its people are bold, a little arrogant maybe, but cheeky and spunky, too. We hope our products will help you reflect these characteristics.

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