Why use shaving oil?

We don’t always have the best options for skincare and grooming. And when it comes down to arguably our most important body part, it’s more like zero options. In addition to your razor, what do you use to shave your balls? 

While there are more than enough products to groom and care for your beard and facial skin, there is very little out there for your balls. We hope you agree the skin on your balls is quite different from the skin on your face, and requires its own care.  

A good shaving product meets these requirements

We set out in search of the best shaving product to lubricate shaving our balls. Starting point: the shower, probably the most common and convenient location for ball-shaving. So, requirement one, we need a product that works well in the shower. 

Second requirement: it needs to be easy on the skin. It’s the most delicate piece of skin we have. Shaving in itself can be irritating, and warm water leaves your skin extra vulnerable. We need a product that reduces irritation rather than adding to it.    

Last but not least, the product needs to be effective and help achieve a clean shave (obviously). 

The options

We researched foam, gel, and oil. 

The verdict

Foam and gel don’t stick to skin well and actually wash off pretty quickly in the shower. When you manage to keep them on, they tend to dry out the skin. They also make it hard to see what you are doing down there and an obstructed view = prone to nicks and cuts. That’s a fail on requirements one, two and three for foam and gel.

We developed a gentle shaving oil that meets all three requirements: 

(1) It’s well suited to shower shaving as it doesn’t wash off the skin. 

(2) The oil serves a double purpose. It not only protects the skin while you shave, but nourishes it as well. We selected ingredients that are kind to sensitive skin and are a minimal risk for allergies. 

(3) Coarse hairs are softened by the oil, allowing your blade to better catch them and shave closely and more smoothly. The risk of slipping and cutting yourself is a lot lower, especially in combination with you being able to see what you’re doing. 

Give it a try!

This is the first shaving oil specifically designed for down under. It helps prevent dryness and irritation as a result of shaving and you no longer have to sacrifice your comfort for a smooth shave.

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