Our Story: Bald Balls Amsterdam

Whereas women have been at it for ages, we men lagged behind a bit when it came to shaving and grooming body hair. But no more. Manscaping is big.

Not everyone is a shaver, but we feel nothing quite beats the softness and cleanliness of a close shave. Neglecting the skin during and after shaving can lead to itchiness and irritation, but there's not a lot out there to help make shaving your balls more pleasant and we miss products that help improve the end result. 

Those of us whose girlfriends fill up the bathroom with handy creams and lotions might have noticed not even women have intimate shaving products figured out. Now men's hair also tends to be coarser than women´s, so even if they do have something for you to steal, it won't have the same benefits as products tailored to men. 

We decided to fill the gaping hole in grooming products specifically designed for men and launch with a shaving oil and aftershave lotion for down under.

We called our brand ´Bald Balls´ to leave no doubt that this is a brand by men, for men. 

And Amsterdam. A city where you need to have a bit of an attitude to get around. Its people are bold, a little arrogant maybe, but cheeky and spunky, too. We are proud of this city, proud to have founded our brand here, and hope our products will help you reflect these characteristics. 

We also hope the shaving oil and aftershave lotion will help convince all the non-shavers with the promise of balls as smooth as a baby's bottom. Here's a little on trimming vs shaving your balls:


Trimming is great if you´re not planning on sticking to a tight grooming routine. In that case, it saves you unpleasant stubble. Whether you're planning on shaving your balls or not, you´ll probably want to own a good trimmer for the rest of your groin area. 


Shaving gives the smoothest result for balls and shaft. The skin down there is quite flexible, so the key here is not to rush things, make sure to protect the skin while shaving and never forget the aftercare. Also: repeat regularly. 

We see shaving as an addition to trimming, rather than an either or situation and provide you with the products to improve shaving results. 

So that's our story. No nonsense, no bull, just high-quality products to help men feel comfortable and more secure in their own skin. Ready to give it a try?

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