All About Aftershave Lotion

What is it?

Back in the day, guys used to splash an alcohol-based solution on their face post-shave. The resulting stinging sensation was, apparently, simply something you endured. This type of aftershave doesn’t do the skin much good, and the concept has somewhat changed nowadays.

A good aftershave - as the name suggests - is applied post shave and boosts recovery. It calms and returns moisture to your skin. 


Is it necessary?

Shaving, even when using a protective oil, can cause damage to the top layer of your skin.

This layer helps the skin retain moisture and damage leaves it susceptible to chemicals, pollutants and irritation from outside. 

Especially men with sensitive skin can find their balls feeling taut after shaving. When shaving regularly, untreated skin can dry out and become prone to redness, irritation and itchiness. 

Whereas you might get away with skipping the aftershave for your face if you use a good moisturizer, your balls generally receive less attention on a daily basis. No one wants to walk around with itchy balls, so aftershave should be an indispensable step in your routine. 


What are the benefits?

Using a gentle aftershave lotion down under keeps the skin hydrated and smooth. Restoring moisture to the skin after shaving will help prevent irritation.  

Lotions also tend to absorb quickly, which means you don’t have to wait to get dressed and makes it easy to incorporate in your daily routine.

How to use it

Aftershave is pretty easy to use. Gently pat dry the area you’ve shaved, apply the lotion as liberally as you like and carefully massage it into the skin.


What to look for?

  1. Moisturizing properties

Select a gentle aftershave lotion or balm with moisturizing properties. Some aftershaves are antiseptic and made to disinfect any accidental nicks or cuts. These tend to dry out the skin and might even cause a burning sensation.  

  1. Mild scent

Look for an aftershave lotion with a mild scent. It’s nice to close your routine with a lotion that smells pleasant and leaves you feeling confident and energized, but we’d argue a heavy scent is unnecessary down there. Your shower should have left everything smelling nice and clean. 

Additional tips to prevent irritation down under

  • Use a blade specifically designed for the body and for men. Facial and body blades move across the skin differently. 
  • Only shave wet skin. Shaving dry skin increases the chance of cutting yourself and irritates the skin. 
  • Always use a lubricant between your skin and the blade, such as a shaving oil. 
  • Make sure to clean your blade while and after shaving, and renew your blade regularly. 
  • Feel free to apply aftershave whenever you feel you need it, not just after shaving.
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